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i cant seem to download this theres no button

This concept is amazing! Shame this was really short. Any idea on when the full release will be? Super interested!

Thank you for playing! Unfortunately I have put this project down for the time being and as of the past few months have been working on Project: Feline. While this project has a very different tone and is more gameplay-oriented, I am excited to bring some of the concepts explored in Brielle into the plot of Feline. Thanks again for your comment!

Is there something I'm missing with volume options? I have my speaker's dial set to what it usually is for games, both in game volume sliders turned down to 10%, and the game volume in the Windows Volume Mixer down to about 15%, and all dialogue and option clicking was still extremely loud. Adjusting the in-game sliders didn't seem to change the music or sound fx volumes at all actually.

(only somewhat related side question I've been curious about, feel free to ignore if you want: Is there some technical reason why so many games have volume sliders on a 0-100 scale, but can only be adjusted in increments of 10? Why not just make the scale 0-10?)

Hi! Sorry for the late response, but this volume dilemna you have described appears to be a programming fault. At some point in the projects development, the engine was updated to include more audio and mixing tools. The volume in-game acts a bit wierd because it appears to use a logarithmic scale, so anything below ~70% sounds very very quiet. It also seems that I didn't program the interface clicking sounds to use the volume either, my bad! To answer your second question, I personally use a 0-100 scale as I like to think of it as a percentage (%), and I set the incriment to 10 beause I personally prefer only a fixed level of incriments (e.g. I can't stand it when the TV volume is 19 instead of 20). Although, I am noticing many new games using incriments of 10, or 1.0. For me, 0-100 is just a personal preference.

Gotcha. That's a weird way for the engine to do volume, but  does explain it. Don't worry about the late response, things happen (I work for a state agency, I'm used to far longer waits).  And that's interesting about the volume thing. I've got my own personal quirks with numbers, just with multiples of 5 instead of 10, so I get what you mean. Thanks forresponding :)

Interesting concept. We like the design .

We made a short video while testing :

Can't wait for the full release.

Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much!

I have no idea what to say about the ending but i've enjoyed the game :)

Haha I'm sorry for the abrupt ending man. Unfortunately that's all that was developed for the time being. I may make a return to the project if people like the idea enough. Thanks for playing through the game, your feedback is much appreciated!

A really nice looking game. pretty short so far but you have the graphics down. i'm sorry i couldn't take it seriously but it looks go so far.

ayy thanks for playing through it man 😊 Watching you play was actually pretty funny!