Grind Mechanic & New Maps! – Update 0.8.0

In this devlog episode, we'll be looking at the new grind mechanic, new maps, and improvements made to the gameplay prototype for my third-person wall-running parkour game, Project Feline! We'll be exploring how I decided on which mechanics to develop for my prototype by focusing on the gameplay experience, and how I contstructed new maps using the "action block" technique used by Respawn Entertainment for Titanfall 2's single player campaign. A new build is available for free public testing!

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Project Feline - Pre-Alpha (Windows, 64-bit) 2 GB
Version 0.8.0 Feb 24, 2020 668 MB
Version 0.8.0 Feb 24, 2020
Project Feline - Pre-Alpha (Linux) 2 GB
Version 0.8.0 Feb 24, 2020

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also will you add a guy character version?

will this be available for chromebook? it looks really good but since it is windows and linux only right now i can't test it out. i am unsure how you would get it supported by chromebook as it is web based but as an extention, google app, or should work,  as far as i can tell the is for apps like spotify but it may work for game apps like this.