Creating Momentum-Based Movement: Project Feline Devlog #32

For most of this year, I've been busy completely re-vamping Project Feline's core gameplay. After many months, I am proud to present a new momentum-based movement system, ledge-grabbing, vaulting, melee combat, new maps, characters and more!

There is a lot to cover from the last year of development, but for the moment I have made a devlog focusing on the changes to the fundamental game mechanics and movement.

Gabi's movement now utilizes physics and momentum. Players can run on walls , slide down hills and grind on rails to build Gabi's momentum.


Project Feline - Pre-Alpha (Windows, 64-bit) 2 GB
Version 0.11.0-b2 Nov 05, 2021
Project Feline - Pre-Alpha (Linux) 2 GB
Version 0.11.0-b2 Nov 05, 2021

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