Porting My Anime Character From Blender to Unreal Engine 4: Project Feline Indie Game Dev Log #19

Have you ever made a character for a game, but struggled to port it to an engine? In this dev log episode we will be porting my 3D character, Gabriella, from Blender 2.8 into the Unreal Engine (UE4) for my upcoming indie game, Project Feline! Throughout the video we will explore the process behind porting models, textures, the anime cel-shader, and animations! Be sure to subscribe to see more videos on indie game development!

Part 1 – Starting the Base Model
Part 2 – Finishing the Model
Part 3 – Texturing
Part 4 – Shading
Part 5 – ILM Map
Part 6 – Rigging
Part 7 – Animation
Part 8 – Porting to Unreal

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